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The International Center for Catholic Pilgrimage aims to promote pilgrimage destinations in Italy and other European countries to pilgrims all around the globe.

We offer travel experiences, travel packages and other relevant services to accompany groups and individuals on their quest for faith and self-discovery.
We are specialists of Catholic travel, Catholic pilgrimages and religious travel experiences. Our long-time experience plus our personal interest in spiritual and faith journeys make us stand out.
Our itineraries are carefully designed by our team of experts to meet all the needs of our clients, other than highly personalizable and customizable. Request a quote for your travel today!

PILGRIMS OF HOPE - Prepare to be part of history as Rome unveils its Jubilee Year of 2025 – a profound event that beckons pilgrims from around the world to unite in faith and celebration.

The Jubilee, deeply rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church, offers a time of reflection, renewal, and spiritual growth. In 2025, Rome's timeless streets will welcome pilgrims seeking solace, inspiration, and a profound connection with their faith.

With a legacy spanning centuries, the Jubilee stands as a testament to unity and devotion, and the upcoming event is set to carry on this cherished tradition.

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What is a pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage can be a life-changing transformative experience. Being a pilgrim means starting an adventure in search of God; it means asking questions and seeking their faith.
A pilgrim is not only a tourist, but an individual looking for an experience that can change perspectives and expectations.

Our Services

Papal Audiences

We can reserve tickets for Papal Audiences and other events.

Private Masses

We can reserve Private Masses in the major Basilicas/Churches.

Choir Events

We have a team dedicated to the organizing of choir events and performances.

Vatican Events

Participate in the special events held in the Vatican City, including  Canonization, Consistory etc.